Project Blobo!

Blobo is the name of my first real, fully developed game. This means that it will be released (fingers crossed) on Apple’s App store where anyone with a iPhone/iPad can try it! Check out a beta screenshot of the second level, “Cross”, below:


Just ate an enemy!


The idea is pretty alien to me – having complete say in what happens with this game (most likely that it will fall flat!). But let’s take a step back and see what the game is, and why it was created.

What is Blobo?

Blobo is a mobile iOS game that you can play with one hand, entirely by tapping, while sitting on the toilet (optional). You are the protagonist, who must navigate around bigger enemies to eat smaller enemies. After eating a smaller enemy you grow a bit bigger (which then allows you to eat other enemies).

How was Blobo created?

Blobo is coded with the Swift language in an Xcode environment on my 5 year old Macbook Pro.

I sat back and thought about what I think will become the core development philosophy of Open Water. Simplicity over all else, with attention paid to small details, and probably most importantly, a genuinely satisfying feeling while playing the game (“game feel”). Development for the sake of enjoyment of others and myself over revenues / mass deployment / cookie-cutter design. Something to be proud of!

Why was Blobo created?

Blobo is personal because it is my first project, and it represents some sort of liberation. In real life I work in healthcare consulting on a rigid schedule, often doing things that I don’t enjoy, which is not good or bad, simply the reality of the working world.

Blobo represents a part of me that is creative, risk-taking, and free. If you talk to me about healthcare consulting… I can talk about it. If you ask me how a certain level in Blobo was implemented, I could talk to you for hours about the game, industry, audience, etc. That’s partly how I know it’s a good part of me.

I imagine that this site will become a bit of a hybrid – development blog, space for thoughts, and eventually a platform for press releases. For now, we can let it simply inhabit space and see what form it starts to take.

I think that the story of this blog will be that of risk-taking, deliberately making change happen in your life, resourcefulness, and curiosity. I’ll do my best to share what I learn from this point forward, in case it helps somebody out down the line, whether an app developer, a fellow full-time employee with a side-gig, or simply another human being. Thanks for reading!







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