Intro to Get It Done

After delving out of the mobile game territory with the goal of making my very first functional app, the question naturally occurs – what non-game apps would people enjoy and use?

I think in the ideation stage it’s easy overthink the situation, so I used what is probably the simplest, most straight forward framework: what would I use?

Well, in past two months I’ve learned some things after my major shift of going from a full-time consulting gig to going off on my own. The most obvious impact this had was that my days now have no structure, no deadlines, no boss. While this was heaven for a bit, I realized the now structureless work day clashed with my internal incentive system – the one that had always been extrinsically motivated by grades, money, people, deadlines, etc.

In short, the past two months amounted to getting stuff done, but not nearly as much as I would have liked. I would find excuses, put things off, and get easily distracted. If I want to achieve my long-term goal of financial and location independence, I can not be extrinsically motivated anymore. The solution is to become intrinsically motivated.

One major tool in the belt of an intrinsically motivated person seems to be a way to chomp large stressful projects into bite-sized tasks. Instead of a project manager dictating how tasks are allocated, and what you will work on next, you’ll need to be the one calling the shots based on your values and your goals.

The Get It Done app (pending many more name changes!) is a simple way to identify your goal, then plot and track that goal over time. The idea is that you make a promise to yourself to have your goal finished by a certain date, and follow through on the daily amount of effort needed to get there. The idea is that no matter what, the only way to get things done is to put time and energy toward it. There may be some functionality to add in some written affirmations as to why it really is important to you to complete this goal.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 2.00.54 PM

Progress on the very first prototype of the Get It Done app

The tracker will also keep you informed as to how far behind or how far ahead you are.

For a pretty meta example, let’s say I want to have finished the first prototype of this app by June 24th, 2017. That is 7 days from the day of writing this. If I anticipate the prototype taking a total of 40 hours, that means I’ll need to work 5.7 hours / day, or 8 hours per weekday to get it done. Every day I use the app, it lets me know how far along I am on that 40 day horizon, and how many hours are left in that day.

Simple huh? That’s kind of the idea. I’ve seen productivity apps with all kinds of bells and whistles, and while this one won’t organize your calendar for you or give you a massage, it will be sleek and simple.

For development folks out there, I’m building this app with React Native and Redux. I’m sure there will be some interesting material coming out of the development process onto this blog. Stay tuned!

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