Blobo Press Kit


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Menacing giant green enemies race back and forth beneath you, but in the distance you see one lonely, petit green blob. This must be the target! Racing below the first giants, you explode onto the unassuming little guy, steal his mass, and grow even larger than the previously gargantuan blobs above you! Victory will soon be yours! But… you’re stuck. The walls are closing in! It was a trap! You have to get out of here!! Maybe if I try a little harder…. ahh!!

19 lives left.

Get outta there!

You have full control of Blobo. Your taps send him skyward, or rocketing left and right. You have to be careful not to let the seconds ticking down get into your head… even though your friend, and 3,526 other global players have beaten the level faster than you, etched into history forever in the Leaderboards.

Blobo – alive and well!

What keeps people coming back, and playing Blobo through to the very end?

  1.     Online leaderboards compare everybody’s score, tempting you to try that level again to see if you can do it just half a second faster! (Especially if your friend says you can’t).
  2.     You exercise a huge amount of control over Blobo. Once you get familiar with the feel of the game, your mastery is rewarded by an immersive, challenging, tantalizing maneuverability. Lose yourself in the many satisfying “POP”s of the enemy, and the discoveries of clever short cuts that can cut your best time in half!
  3.     The level design constantly changes how you must approach victory, and escalates the difficulty in a steep curve that may shock and frustrate, but deeply rewards the player who can finally beat it. Then you’re on to the next one!

Real feedback from early access players (fueled by competitive spirit!) (screenshots have had all personal information removed):

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The nitty gritty:

  • Blobo has 33 levels, ranging from tough to seemingly impossible. The focus has been on simplicity (play it with one hand on the toilet), control (fully employs a physics engine for maximum maneuverability and feeling), and addictiveness (like a potato chip).
  • Play against yourself, your friends, and the world!
    • A 3-star system (much like Angry Birds) tells you how quickly you completed each level
    • For more granular detail, you’ll also see your best score in seconds for each level you’ve beaten
    • This score will be compared on Game Center leaderboards for all friends, foes, parents, children and strangers to see!
  • Blobo runs on the Apple iPhone and iPad (all generations)
  • Blobo’s release date is set for March 10, 2017

Some screenshots of the game:

A quick teaser trailer (I love that music!):

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Blobo logo:


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